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Africa at the Crossroads

British Genocide, or a New Economic Order with Russia and China

As we approach Africa Day, May 25, and the end of Africa Month, I must state clearly that the continent and its peoples stand at a crossroads.

Either we align ourselves with the emerging new economic order of the East, led by Putin’s Russia, China, and the BRICS alliance (of which South Africa is the only African member), or we continue to submit to policies of the collapsing trans-Atlantic system, led by the British Empire and its lap dog, U.S. President Barack Obama, which will lead to the genocidal slaughter of our populations, and to the likely extinction of the entire human species in a general thermonuclear war.

The choice of any sane person should be obvious. Do you choose to live, do you choose for your children to have a future? Or do you choose to die a horrible death, in a dying system of British imperialism, which has brought misery and death to Africans in recent centuries? The problem is that people refuse to confront this obvious reality, refuse to think in terms of the world as whole, or even in terms of our continent as whole, and instead focus on local or petty issues as presented by mis-leaders and lying media.

To understand our problems, you must try to live in the future, and look back, so to speak, on these current times and our actions in them, with the realisation that the future we desire must define and determine our actions today. From the future, you can see the possibility that our children and grandchildren will live in an Africa marked by great leaps in economic development, that give each person the possibility of a productive and creative life. A continent no longer dark from lack of electric power and in an underdevelopment and misery enforced by a financial imperialism, but instead dotted with nuclear plants and even fusion reactors powering new cities and industry. An Africa no longer looted of its vast resources by foreign imperialists, but one which makes use of these resources with our own industrial and processing plants, that produces food for its people and for export on fair terms to other regions of the globe. We can see an Africa whose scientists contribute to new discoveries of physical principles that take man beyond this planet and beyond our solar system to our destiny in the stars. An Africa whose medical practitioners are armed with new weapons to conquer disease, not just for our continent, but for the benefit of all mankind. See Africa and Africans contributing mightily, as it and they should, to the progress of a mankind, which has abandoned geopolitical fighting for hegemony, and instead fights together for the common good of all, truly free to pursue happiness, in the perfectibility of our unique species.

I see that Africa unified in purpose and spirit, while diverse in cultural richness. I see an Africa progressed beyond the manipulations of tribal and national destinies such as take place now, and the bloodshed they bring, having given way to a solidarity of humanity, absent the racism of imperialism. I see an Africa at peace, derived from belief in the power of human creativity, the unique power and capability of every human child, no matter where he or she might be born.

My vision is the same that has guided the great American statesman and economist Lyndon LaRouche, whose movement I represent in South Africa. My vision is not of some distant and never-reached utopia, but something attainable in concrete policy steps that must be taken today.

We have all lived too long in an Africa and a world defined by the racism and evil of the Queen of the British Empire and her retinue, including those traitors and lackeys in our own country. We have been told that we Africans are inferior to our Imperial ‘masters’, that we are animals, some higher form of ape. We have been made to perform tricks for our ‘masters’ on the pitch and in other arenas of sport for pay, as if trained monkeys. And as mere animals, our British ‘masters’ believe it is their right, even their obligation, to reduce our numbers, as they see fit.

But the days of the Queen and her imperial system are numbered. Led from the East, by Russian President Putin and his allies in China, there is now a force for good, a force for development, a force for the dignity of man. They continually confound and outsmart the stupid imperialists, who respond by threatening all-destroying thermonuclear war.

The choice for Africa is obvious. The courageous decision by my country—to side with Putin’s Russia and with China and join the BRICS—is a statement of sanity, and it weakens the imperial enemy. The efforts to reverse this decision through regime change is an operation directed on behalf of the interests of those who will slaughter Africa, even if some of the petty and stupid people involved do not realise this.

On this day and in this month dedicated to Africa, let us make the choice for Africa’s future. Let us choose the BRICS. Let us choose life. Let us choose the dignity of man and spit in the face of the British Empire and all who bow and scrape to its decadent leadership. Let us finally walk away from the dark shadow of British imperialism and into the light, and walk to our destiny along the pathway the great Mandela envisioned for us, and all Africans.  Why shouldn’t the first people on Mars be led by an African woman?

Ramasimong Phillip Tsokolibane 23 May 2016

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