When you are tested for HIV, there are multiple conditions that can make the test result positive when in fact you DO NOT have AIDS.

The following list are just SOME of the factors known and proven by the medical community, to cross-react with the test and cause false/ inaccurate Positive HIV Antibody test results, for the complete list please refer  to SOURCE. This information is from the most authoritative study yet written on AIDS. Available from Amazon and the author`s website


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AIDS,OPIUM, DIAMONDS,and EMPIRE by Nancy Turner Banks,MD.

Factors known to cause false-Positive HIV Antibody test results :

– anti-carbohydrate antibodies

-naturally-occurring antibodies



-systemic lupus erythematosus

-renal (kidney) failure


-flu vaccination

-herpes simplex I

-herpes simplex II

upper respiratory tract infection

-recent viral infection or exposure to viral vaccines

-pregnancy in multiparous women


-rheumatoid arthritis

-hepatitis B vaccination

-tetanus vaccination

-acute viral infections, DNA viral infections

– malignant neoplasms (cancers)

-alcoholic hepatitis/alcoholic liver disease



-visceral leishmaniasis

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Many of the above conditions are common in Africa.

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