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How do we as the ANC justify using public funds to build and sustain a private energy sector and private sector controlled by banks and foreign companies that maximize their profits which ultimately go outside of the country?

From: Phapano Phasha, ANC Member in Good Standing

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Stop Loadsheding #PravinMustGoNow Petition: response to questions

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Stop Loadsheding #PravinMustGoNow Petition: response to questions

Stop Loadsheding #PravinMustGoNow Petition: response to questionsPravin Gordhan. Image credit: Netwerk24

Many people have asked questions about the petition launched by Black First Land First (BLF) on Monday 13 January to get

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Real News from Australia: Geopolitics in the Middle East and the Ideology that has Caused Australia`s Bushfires

a particularly excellent presentation here which discusses the long-standing destabilization of the Middle East. Also discussed how the economic destruction of the physical economy in Australia has caused the bushfires

Source CEC Australia

January 10 2020 – The Citizens Report – New WW3 Threat / Australian Bushfire Crisis

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Ethiopia’s Prosperity Party: A Revolutionary Necessity

Ethiopia`s Prime Minister calls for an end to IDENTITY POLITICS of DIVIDE AND RULE !

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If we accept synergy to mean cooperation and collaboration to achieve an enhanced effect, then let us act synergistically to ensure a prosperous Ethiopia that provides for all Read the rest

Bush bull

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Bush bull

By Christopher Monckton of Brenchley

This will be a long posting, because it is necessary to nail the childish myth that global warming caused the bushfires in Australia. The long, severe drought in Australia, culminating in the most extensive bushfires in

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The British Creation and Control of Islamic Terror — The Background to China’s Defeat of Xinjiang Terror

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The British Creation and Control of Islamic Terror — The Background to China’s Defeat of Xinjiang Terror

January 4, 2020

Excerpt from LaRouche PAC Fireside Chat Activists Call, Thursday, January 2, 2020

MICHAEL BILLINGTON: So, what I wanted to address tonight, actually was

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