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Brussels – the truth, the reality, the cause

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Belgian LaRouche Movement Agora Erasmus statement on Brussels bombings

Members and supporters of the Belgian LaRouche movement Agora Erasmus, who were close to the events in Brussels when they happened Tuesday, are reportedly safe.

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NGOs ,Amnesty International and HRW – The Web of Control

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Smart Power & The Human Rights Industrial Complex


| Tuesday, 15th March 2016

Human rights in the West: does the reality live up to the rhetoric? On the surface, the cultural narrative seems innocent enough: billionaire philanthropists, political luminaries and transnational corporations, along
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INDIA – end global financial “non-system”

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Reserve Bank of India’s Governor Calls for Abandoning Global Monetary “Non-System”

Governor Raghuram Rajan of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), India’s central bank, a trained electrical engineer, in a commentary with the Project Syndicate Monday, has strongly criticized the central banks of developed countries, pointing … Read the rest


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A Decision that Cannot be Delayed

Time to Kick the British Empire to the Curb


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a brilliant inspiring article :

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It’s Game On!

To Stop Regime Change, Dump the British Empire!


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Drones to Bomb Somalia into Submission

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Somalia Air Strike: Obama’s Greatest Mass Killing Yet

Obama added to his kill tally on March 5 with an airstrike in Somalia that, the Pentagon has claimed, killed 150 Al Shabaab militants. According to the

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